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Critical Security and Anthropology from the Middle East

By Giulia El Dardiry, Sami Hermez

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El Dardiry, Giulia, and Sami Hermez. 2020. “Critical Security and Anthropology from the Middle East.” Cultural Anthropology 35, no. 2: 197–203.


This colloquy takes the Middle East region as a starting point from which to explore a contrapuntal concept of security that is subverted from its original meaning and captured from the state. The essays follow the lives of revolutionary youth, doctors, commodity traders, refugees, and spies to examine their experiences of (in)security. In doing so, the essays deploy storytelling and other ethnographic forms to think of the political economy, emotions, flows, and ethics of security from the perspective of those living-in-crisis.


critical security; crisis; ethnography; everyday life; Middle East