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Black Feminist Citational Praxis and Disciplinary Belonging

By Bianca C. Williams

Cite As:
Williams, Bianca. 2022. “Black Feminist Citational Praxis and Disciplinary Belonging.” Cultural Anthropology 37, no. 2: 199–205.


What does a Black feminist citational practice look and feel like? This contribution to the #CiteBlackWomen colloquy focuses on two arguments: First, that Black feminist citational praxis is one of the major interventions Black women scholars contribute to the academy; and second, that anthropology’s neglect and erasure of Black feminist anthropologists relates to disciplinary (un)belonging. I explore how citation and “disciplinary belonging” influence hiring practices, doctoral training, intellectual genealogies, and what is valued as anthropological knowledge.


citation; Black feminism; race; gender; belonging; higher education; interdisciplinarity