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Citing Black Women: From Citational Refusal to Recognition

By Anne-Maria B. Makhulu

Cite As:
Makhulu, Anne-Maria. 2022. “Citing Black Women: From Citational Refusal to Recognition.” Cultural Anthropology 37, no. 2: 214–224.


This essay addresses the tension between Northern Hemispheric intellectual assumptions and anthropology’s ostensibly critical stance within that intellectual tradition, one. Two, extending beyond the contradictions of the discipline’s origins in colonial encounter to address the place of Black women anthropologists caught between “the Here and the Elsewhere” (Trouillot 1995), “Citing Black Women” argues for working through the problem of canonical disciplinary knowledge formation by prioritizing a Black feminist approach to a new decolonial anthropology.


Black feminist; citational refusal; decolonial; knowledge-power; recognition