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The November 2014 issue of Cultural Anthropology includes six original articles that run the gamut of contemporary cultural anthropology's interests: from the emerging economic imagination flowing out of the Occupy movement (Hannah Appel) to the political-aesthetics of South African rugby (Joshua Rubin); the unexpected fruits of photo-elicitation as a research method in The Gambia (Liam Buckley) to collective forms of cultivated intimacy among Japanese aid workers in Burma (Chika Watanabe); new modes of neighborhood-based sovereignty in Haiti's slums (Chelsey Kivland) to the effect of food aid on kinship relations in Botswana (Bianca Dahl). The issue opens with an editorial by Anne Allison and Charles Piot reflecting on their tenure as editors of the journal, and it closes with a cinematic playlist, asking Paul Shankman, Lauren Berlant, Steven Robins, Charles Hirshkind, and Anand Pandian what they are watching at home and in their classrooms. A photo essay by Livia and Abigail Stone, on the ever-changing surfaces of the walls of Oxaca de Juarez, Mexico, accompanies the issue.