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Relational Space: An Earthly Installation

By Debbora Battaglia, David Valentine, Valerie Olson

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Battaglia, Debbora, David Valentine, and Valerie Olson. 2015. “Relational Space: An Earthly Installation.” Cultural Anthropology 30, no. 2: 245–256.


Anthropology off the Earth opens to new questions and futures for our disciplinary project and reach, while at the same time compelling revisits to classic sites of anthropological inquiry and critique. Taking as a given that human labor and imagination are neither limitable to, nor severable from, terrestrial-scapes of knowledge and practice, we argue that conceptually and materially working with outer space offers a unique opportunity to engage inter/disciplinary questions across many scales: with technologies of inter-being connections and disconnections, with approaches to what counts as nature and culture, and with questions concerning the often-invisible force fields of agency and structures of power.


outer space