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In 2014, Cultural Anthropology went open access, which means that all articles published since 2014 are freely available on the Cultural Anthropology website immediately upon publication. Articles published before 2014 are available at Wiley Online Library to members of the American Anthropological Association and institutional subscribers.

Vol. 32 No. 3 (2017)

The August issue of Cultural Anthropology features a Retrospectives collection on “Sovereignty,” edited by J. Kēhaulani Kauanui. In her introduction, Kauanui reflects on how the concept of sovereignty has occupied a tentative and emergent role in... More

Vol. 32 No. 2 (2017)

The May issue of Cultural Anthropology features the latest contribution to our Openings and Retrospectives section, a Retrospectives collection on “Affect,” edited by Daniel White. In his introductory essay, White reflects on how affect theory has inspired... More

Vol. 32 No. 1 (2017)

Our first issue of 2017 features a new contribution to the journal’s Openings and Retrospectives section: an Openings collection, “Speed,” edited by Vincent Duclos, Tomás Sánchez Criado, and Vinh-Kim Nguyen. In their introductory essay, the editors discuss how they hope... More

Vol. 31 No. 4 (2016)

In our final issue of 2016, Cultural Anthropology launches its long-anticipated Sound + Vision section. Stefan Helmreich introduces us to gravitational-wave science and the sonic ways of knowing it figures. Eli Thorkelson analyzes an instance of French protest... More

Vol. 31 No. 3 (2016)

The August 2016 issue of Cultural Anthropology features the latest contribution to our Openings and Retrospectives section: “Theorizing Refusal,” edited by Carole McGranahan. In the introduction to this Openings collection, McGranahan explains why it is... More

Vol. 31 No. 2 (2016)

Cultural Anthropology’s latest issue opens with an announcement of the founding of a new 501(c)(3), Friends of Cultural Anthropology, which has been created as a gathering point for ideas and funds to help make the journal’s open-access transition sustainable... More

Vol. 31 No. 1 (2016)

Our February 2016 issue opens with an editorial by managing editor Marcel LaFlamme, which explains the origins of Open Researcher and Contributor IDs (ORCIDs) and why Cultural Anthropology is now requiring authors to use them.

Six original research... More

Vol. 30 No. 4 (2015)

Our November 2015 issue opens with the final installment of our yearlong series of reflections on the first thirty years of Cultural Anthropology. Anne Allison and Charlie Piot, who edited the journal from 2010 to 2014, review their experience of editing in a... More

Vol. 30 No. 3 (2015)

Our August 2015 issue opens with the latest installment of a yearlong series of editorial reflections on the first thirty years of Cultural Anthropology. Kim and Mike Fortun, who edited the journal from 2005 to 2010, share their thoughts on experimentalism... More

Vol. 30 No. 2 (2015)

The May 2015 issue of Cultural Anthropology opens with a continuation of our yearlong series of short reflections on the first thirty years of the journal. Fred Myers writes on balancing radical and establishmentarian impulses during his editorship of the... More

Vol. 30 No. 1 (2015)

February 2015 marks the first issue produced by incoming editors, Dominic Boyer, James Faubion, and Cymene Howe, from Rice University. Their opening editorial outlines the philosophy and organizational practice of the editorial collective, discusses the challenges... More

Vol. 29 No. 4 (2014)

The November 2014 issue of Cultural Anthropology includes six original articles that run the gamut of contemporary cultural anthropology's interests: from the emerging economic imagination flowing out of the Occupy movement (Hannah Appel) to the... More

Vol. 29 No. 3 (2014)

The August 2014 issue of Cultural Anthropology features seven original articles spanning animal-welfare activism in India (Naisargi Dave), global health initiatives as a plan for humanity (Tobias Rees), the concept of the signature in particle physics... More

Vol. 29 No. 2 (2014)

May 2014 marks the publication of Cultural Anthropology's second open-access issue, and with it, the journal turns its attention directly to the challenges and opportunities of open-access publishing. A special section gathers together essays by an array of... More

Vol. 29 No. 1 (2014)

With our February 2014 issue, Cultural Anthropology goes fully open access. This means that the journal is now freely available to anyone anywhere who has access to the Internet (rather than just those who can afford the fees that allow them to get behind... More